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Excessive, huh?


3 words that cross my mind everytime I open this messy blog (u kno that I seldom create a post anymore X_x) are........I MISS THIS! I'm waaaaaaaay too busy with my senior high hell school assignments. Y OH Y.

So.....here's my 3rd post in 2k11. Idk what's the suitable title for it zzz

Sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Romeo loves Juliet, Landon loves Jamie, and so does my dad, he loves my mom.
And it's same as what I've been feeling for more than this 1 year. All of them are absolute. It's not planned and can never be planned.

I ever saw an old couple were riding their bicycle on a wonderful Sunday afternoon, it's about on 4pm. They were so romantic. Suddenly I felt something that made me mused. I was jealous. Yap! I envied them. But I tried not to think of it anymore. Stupid. I have no boyfriend and there are a lot of things that I have to think about.

And when the moon and stars greeted me in my spare time, what I saw on that Sunday afternoon always came around to my brain, like nothing would be looking for it.

That grandpa and grandma must be so lucky, they spend their lifetime together. They both are still fit and healthy enough to ride a bicycle. They help each other. They laugh together.
They've grown old together.

I remember with something that I keep on my stupid laptop that can't be used normally anymore. I think I don't need to tell u what are contents. U just need to know that every single of them ARE the precious ones.
So many things which have been given by God and I must be thankful for this life, where God gave me a chance to talk to that person who completes my life, every single moment in my life and I don't know where 'that life' is. What a precious person.

But one day I realized.....
"I'm sure that grandpa and grandma ever lived in their teenage life, when they were young. Just like me and my friends now. I'm sure they still remember how annoying homework is. I'm sure they still remember the feeling of falling in love when they were teenager. I'm sure they didn't know each other at the first time they met. I'm sure they ever felt how complicated their lovelife was. Or may be......one of them ever cried because of love.....who knows?"

I always try to run away from my past. But the more I try, the more I fail.

U kno....I just want to grow up normally like other teenagers, then grow old with that person, a super precious person. I don't care that's excessive or not. What I care the most is....the way to keep holding on in one condition without hurting my feeling.

p.s: don't take this post seriously! ;p

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