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How To Feel Comfort ?

hi blogger ! now, I'm going to tell ya how to feel comfort when you don't (in my version :p)

1. when I didn't feel well, such as when I got fever, cough, influenza, etc... my mom told me that I should had rest enough, it would be an simple & amazing drug. yeah, she's my fairy :-)

2. and when I didn't feel well (continuance from 1st number) I wore my beloved jacket, it has big size, I love it XOmuch ! it made me feel so comfort. hey ! don't forget to combine it with my socks ! aaa big kiss and hug for those things ! haha

3. when I confused because of my feelings, a million thoughts of you came and stuck in my brain. you know what ? it makes me feel better and comfort until now :-)

4. when I was dizzy because of many reasons, I take my iPod or my cellphone, I press the play button on it, I play my favorite song(s), then I ignore the stage which is full of dramas B-) we call it 'WORLD' and I do it until now \m/

5. when I wasn't in my good mood, I ate a lot of chocolates. yep, I do it until now hahah, because it cheers me up *\'.'/* and of course makes me feel comfort

k guys, I think that's all. p.s. : do them if you think this post is helpful ;-)

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